What's lovePoP!?

LovePoP! is a reincarnation of the popular Reno band All About Me. We have taken a few years off and with the All About Me band name now being used by multiple bands across the USA we came up with the new name lovePoP!.

The name is more of an inside joke than anything else. Years ago we played in another Reno band called Supercede. The 3 members of Supercede added 2 female vocalists and completely changed the band. The Reno Gazette called and offered an interview and photo shoot (we had not even played a show yet with the new lineup) When the article hit print it focused on the relationship between Clayton and Monique and never mentioned or even referenced the extensive interview of the music or the other bandmates. We were of course horrified when the front page called us Love Pop and the interview only talked about our chance meeting years earlier. It is funny now and we of course always appreciate the local media's support of our music, but at the time it was a band killer. Today our sick sense of humor has led to our new name of lovePoP! which is actually a pretty good representation of what we do. Who would have guessed the journalist was so intuitive. :)

We have all played in bands in the Reno/Tahoe area for a long time and are looking forward to getting back out there and playing music with our musician friends, and our old and new friends.